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Living a conscious lifestyle is simply becoming the best version of you in all three dimensions of existence - body, mind and spirit/consciousness.

It's an exciting, life- long adventure!

Being that Metaphysics is the study of reality and the fundamental cause of things (which stems from your consciousness), it is in your best interest to ask yourself this question:

"What reality do I want to create for my life experience?It's about finding balance in all three areas.

Many people today are trying to change their mind about things, using the mind! It is only by tapping into the consciousness behind the mind, the thinker that is thinking the thoughts, that lasting change can be made. This is the essence of Conscious Living. Let's take a look at the three areas we experience in life on earth, and see how Metaphysics can help us to examine ourselves and live our best life. It is in our highest interest to tap into the conscious awareness that is present in each of us to help us change any areas where we are not living up to our full potential.


Taking care of our physical body that houses our mind, and consciousness, is vital. We do this by proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and maintaining a weight that gives us optimal health and longevity. Taking pride in our physical appearance and cultivating our own personal style.


Understanding that we are not the mind, but rather our mind is a magnificent tool we have been given, that we can sharpen and grow. Choosing emotions that enhance our health and well-being, and those around us, and using our gifts to serve others.


Connecting deeply with the Conscious part of ourselves, which in turn, connects us to God, the Infinite Intelligence & Source of Consciousness that runs throughout our Universe. This part of us is the thinker, watcher, or observer behind our thoughts. 

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Simply put, living a Conscious Lifestyle is when you delve into each of the areas of your life, and start asking  yourself questions about each of them.  Just like the famous Philosopher, Socrates, states, it's about taking the time to examine your life, and become the best version of you through becoming consciously aware.  It's not about making someone else conform to your ideas, beliefs or tastes. This is about living your best life.

The branch of Philosophy known as Metaphysics in the classical sense of the word, is the study of reality and consciousness, and we are each responsible for taking control of our own lives. A Conscious Lifestyle is not just being an encyclopedia of knowledge, but actually practicing in our lives what we believe to be true. When we put action behind our philosophy of living, this is where true power and transformation takes place.

Knowing ourselves first and foremost is vital. Going beyond just the conditioned reactions that we often repeat again and again, and truly knowing yourself, is the first step. That comes from tapping into the Higher Consciousness which is beyond the mind.

Human life is complex, especially in today's modern world. Everyday we are bombarded from all sides with different situations that challenge us. They can either make us or break us. It's all up to how we choose to perceive the situation, and know how we can best relate to it.

Throughout each day we have to make countless decisions in many different areas of our lives.  Rather than trying to make these decisions by relying on the intellect alone, we can take into our Consciousness and from there have access to Higher Intelligence beyond just our reasoning mind. We have all experience this at one time another, when we have a hunch or gut feeling about something that proves to be right despite logic.

Let's take a look at some areas where living a Conscious lifestyle can help you.


Tapping into what you truly desire out of life, is vital to your general sense of well-being. Being able to make good decisions and having the power to carry them out to take care of yourself is not being selfish. Only by truly loving ourselves can we love those around us.


Choosing your life partner can effect you more than any other decision make. By turning within and looking beyond just the physical and/or intellectual attraction, you can having a lasting chemistry.


Having peaceful family relationships is not always easy. Attuning yourself to higher consciousness can help guide you when dealing with family and all the complexities that are involved.


As we grow and change, friendships evolve. By choosing friendships that enhance both parties, we can encourage each other to become our true, authentic selves.


Being a wise steward to all that we have been entrusted with is vital to maintaining peace of mind. Being led by higher awareness rather than fleeting gratification can greatly increase our sense of security.


Finding a rewarding and fulfilling career is vital to our overall well-being. Knowing how to make the right decisions in this area will greatly enhance our success and effect those around us.

Living a Conscious Lifestyle can help us advance our lives in each of these areas, much more than just relying on the intellect alone.