For those who are familiar with the legendary Napoleon Hill, self-help author and entrepreneur, who wrote the classic Think & Grow Rich, you might already be aware of the term "Your Other self," which he coined in his book, Outwitting The Devil.  

 I believe that  deep inside the human heart, beyond your physical appearance, beyond your mind, beyond your conception of yourself, there lives a part of you that is ageless, eternal, and always present.  Despite the noise that our mind makes, and the mental image that we have built up of ourselves - Your Other Self is always there, watching, aware.  You have felt that Presence.  Maybe when enjoying a beautiful sunset, or laughing with a friend, or sharing memories with a loved one.  It is a place of personal empowerment and genuine spirituality.  A place of limitless energy. 


I use the phrase 'Your Other Self' to describe experiencing the Presence of God within oneself.  This can be experienced through all faith traditions, or no tradition!   Christ Himself said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you."  It is the heart of Christ's message, and many other ancient traditions.  The whole emphasis is on union with God, and what is going on in the outside world, is a direct reflection of the inner life.​

Rather than looking outside of yourself, there is a "hidden pearl" within -  Your Other Self.  The Mystics called this "Christ in you, the hope of glory."  My hope is that  you enjoy this site which chronicles some of my journey and exploration of that which we all in our heart of hearts, seek - ultimate contentment and ever new experiences with God, who is Life.

That Presence you feel brings such exquisite joy, that you wish you could remain in that moment forever.  It's almost like someone else is seeing the world through your eyes, and everything looks fresh and new, like you were seeing it for the first time.  Thinking back on a time like that, is when you can truly say you felt most alive.  It was then that you were living from your true self, Your Other Self, that mostly hides behinds the scenes in your life, but so wants to take center stage. 

When you allow all that you were meant to be to come forward, amazing things start to happen in your life.  Joy becomes the environment you live in.  When challenging situations arise, you have the mental clarity to handle it with wisdom.  You become more present to those around you, and are able to make better decisions in your career, health and fitness, finances and relationships.  Many people are waiting for an outside force to alleviate whatever they might be struggling with.  It's only when we learn to empower and motivate ourselves from the inside that we can have lasting results.

Is it possible?  Can 'Your Other Self' the real, authentic you, take the spotlight in this drama called life and be the hero/heroine that you see in your dreams?  I believe so.  I hope my stories and articles on this site inspire you to live from that place, where your life becomes the adventure that you always knew you were born to live.  

Susan was born in Malaysia, and at the age of two moved back to England where she was raised.  She grew up curious about Life, God, the Universe and the age old question of 'what am I doing here?'  

As a child she would wander for hours in the breathtaking beauty of the English countryside. It was there that she first discovered the melody of a deeper romance. One that lies hidden just below the surface of the reality that we perceive with our five physical senses.

In 1990, she moved to Las Vegas. It was only supposed to be a temporary adventure, but she met the love of her life David, who was stationed at Nellis Air Force base. The two married the following year.

 Between 1990 and 2009, she and her husband were involved in various churches/religious organizations, often in a full time vocational basis.    

Through a series of events, disappointments and unforseeable circumstances, life and religion as she knew it started to come crumbling down around her. It truly was a "dark night of the soul." ​​

During this time, Susan began to see that life on planet earth is a journey that is ever evolving- a journey with God, the very Source of Life.

She started to question everything that she had ever been taught and rather than accepting things by "blind belief" she started to ask herself what she truly believed in her heart of hearts?  If truth is truth, it should hold up under the harshest scrutiny.

Susan began to realize that the answers about life: Who we are? Where we are going? Are already inside each of us.

They are revealed as we travel through time.  As Christ said, "There are many things that you cannot bear now." 

As well as having a Ph.D specializing in Conscious  Living, she is also a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine with specializations in corrective exercise and fitness nutrition. 

In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family, read, workout, walk with her mini-Aussie, Magic.  She enjoys writing on higher consciousness and her love for God and Christ. Her passion is helping others discover the Presence of God that dwells in each of us and living an authentic life - body, mind and spirit!