5 Simple Tips to Activate YOUR God Power!

Updated: Sep 2

Did you know that each one of us has access to an amazing power that is within us? We each have God Power resident within us. For the most part though, we choose instead to run off our backup battery, or the human ego. When I say that the Power to transform your life is already within you, I mean it. I truly believe that the magnificent creator resides inside each one of us, and when we start to realize that, well, that’s when the magic happens! This is what Christ talked about when he said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. A Kingdom has a ruling monarch, and that monarch is none other than the Powerful Presence of the Creative Intelligence of this entire Universe, AKA, God.

So How do you activate that Power inside you? That is what we are going to look at today.

So here we go, with five tips to activate God’s powerful energy in you.

Tip #1 - Let go

When we choose to hold onto things from the past, whether it’s limiting beliefs, lies that we have been told about ourselves, our failures etc. it gives no room for that God Power to start operating. A simple way to let go, is to realize that in and of your own human ego, you can’t let go. Your ego, your mind, will fight to hold onto problems, and keep you in a vicious cycle. Your ego’s survival is counting on the very fact that you won’t let go of the problems! The more you think about them, the larger they will become. The ancient mystics talked about how it’s like a “body of death” that hinders your real identity to emerge.

A trick is to simply give all your worries over to that Power within. You may want to try a simple invocation, like,

I cast this burden on the presence within, and I go free. Or I cast this belief, lie, problem etc. Whatever the case may be. When you stop trying in and of yourself to release whatever is weighing you down, you give an opportunity for that God Power in you to come to your aid, and you allow that infinite, intelligent and loving energy to be released.

Let's look at another way to activate that God Power.

Tip #2 - Speak it

When you start speaking you literally disrupt the energetic frequencies around you. Just like with a radio you can decide what channel you want to tune into. When you start speaking good things over yourself and your life, you put yourself on God’s frequency. You know when you start speaking good things, you are activating that power within.

Tip #3 - Set aside some time to be alone

If you want to activate that power, I can’t recommend enough taking some time for solitude. I personally try and set aside the first hour of my day for quiet reflection, reading, prayer and meditation. To me, this time is invaluable to building a greater connection to God’s Presence within. Just like with a familiar friend, you can feel their energy when they walk in the room and can tell any little nuances that might be going on, it’s the same way with God. Spending some time to get quiet and become comfortable with that still small voice inside, helps you in all areas of your life. You might also want to spend some time out in nature and simply observe the wind moving through the trees, the birds singing. Walking barefoot on the earth, has also been said to be great for promoting health, as we make contact with the electro-magnetic energy flowing through our beautiful planet.

Tip # 4 - Accept Yourself and Others

Jesus, who is considered by many to be one of the most conscious people ever to walk this planet, loved and accepted people just as they were, much to the chagrin of the religious leaders of his day. People who were considered to be the baddest of the bad loved to hang with him. Why? He was continually in a state of non-judgement, and plainly taught not to judge.

Each one of us are on a journey, and we are continually growing, changing and learning. If Christ, who exuded God Power to the extent he did, taught non-judgement, shouldn’t we do the same? Being overly critical of others, is literally like trying to get a speck of sawdust out your eye, when you have a huge log in yours. Know that you are loved and accepted, and so is everyone else. Only the power of love can bring about lasting real heart change.

Tip # 5 - Use Your Currency Wisely

Each one of us have been given a certain amount of energy each day. If you want to activate that God power in you, watch where you are placing your attention. Energy is currency, and wherever your attention is placed, that’s where your energy or currency is going to flow to. When you turn within and focus your mind on that Presence inside, that energy will build and help sustain you, even through hectic and difficult days. When you make it a practice to continually turn within, before too long it will become second nature. You are literally creating new neural pathways every time you turn inward. Habits are built by cues that set off a particular behaviour or action to receive a desired outcome of reward.

We have all been victims of habits that we create.

We are stressed, which is our cue to either eat, smoke, watch TV, or whatever else might ‘relieve’ our stress. Many times the things we choose to try and bring relief, make us feel worse in the long run.

When you choose to use stress as a trigger to turn within and seek relief from the Presence within, you are actually training yourself to activate your God Power when you need it the most, and that’s powerful!

So let’s go over these tips again:

  1. Let go

  2. Speak out

  3. Take time to be alone

  4. Accept yourself and others

  5. Use your currency wisely

As you start practicing these tips, the creative power of the Universe, the very Presence of God, will become more alive and active in you, and you will be amazed at how differently you start to view the world around you.

You are the creator of your own life, and when you partner with that God Power, well that’s when life becomes more exciting than ever before.

So take action today, and remember that the power to transform your life is already within you!

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