Floating on Air

It was circa 1978 and I was seven or eight living in an era of bell bottoms, stripy T-shirts and disco music in a quaint little English village to the south of London.

I enjoyed my own company as a child and would spend hours engaged in my imagination, playing games like we all do as children. One of the games that I loved to play involved a rather step set of stairs leading up to our home's second story.

As you came through the front glass door, we had a little entrance way with parquet wood flooring, and right in front of that were the stairs. They were wooden with a dark red carpet leading the way to the top, with the wood exposed on either side.

Those stairs weren’t just stairs to me. Oh no, they were the ultimate game of truth or dare, although in this case it was just dare. When no one was around, I would get on the first stair, and jump to the wooden parquet floor below. No problem, piece of cake. I would then go to the second stair and jump down. Easy peasy. Then to the third and so on, each stair getting a little higher and further back from the awaiting floor below.

It got progressively more difficult, and my heart would start beating faster, as I dared myself to jump further down and out without hurting myself. Most days I would stop when I sensed the danger was too great, and I would risk breaking a leg or something.

However, on the day in question, something went wrong. I decided that I was going to push myself beyond what was comfortable. I progressively worked myself up the stairs, my little seven year body nimble and light. I climbed up to the highest stair and jumped.

As soon as I did, I knew I had seriously misjudged, and in a flash, I could tell that I was not going to land well. I was either going to break an arm or a leg, or at worst my neck, but then something happened.

It was like all of time suddenly slowed way down, and everything happened in slow motion. One second seemed like it turned into 20, and I felt that I was floating on air. It was incredible. I knew something strange was happening, but my young mind didn’t fully comprehend it.

The slowing down of time allowed me to somehow correct myself mid-jump and I softly and gently landed on my feet. I was dazed. I was shocked. I didn’t know what had happened, but I knew something “not normal,” something supernatural had occurred. I stopped for a moment, turned and looked back up the stairs, and then went back to playing some other game that little seven year old girls do.

It was years later that I thought about this incident. Was it an angel that caught me that day? Did I levitate like Jesus did when he ascended into other dimensions? I’m not sure. However what I do know is this.

Childlike wonder will open the doors to wonders in your life.

Have you ever stopped to think that the early followers of Jesus had signs and wonders following them, and we are promised the very same thing?

I believe that there is a new generation of people arising on the earth that are going to walk in the wonder of childlike awe where they believe that anything is possible, and that people are going to wonder what is going to happen next when they are around.

I remember when my husband David and I were youth pastors over a decade ago, we received one of the most unusual and amazing compliments ever. We had just gone out with a bunch of high school students. We would jump on the local public buses, and go round town, moving in words of knowledge, and encouraging the people riding on the bus. It was amazing.

The next morning we woke up to our entire front lawn covered in plastic forks, fork side down in the turf. Now if you are not familiar with the strange species called teenagers, then you might not know that this is a sign of love. Hard to believe I know, but true. Attached to one of the forks was a letter, signed by one of our students. It simply said,

“Thanks for making my life so exciting.”

I smiled, as I knew that this young man had been rocked by what he saw happening as we rode the bus and spoke life over the passengers. This wasn’t normal “church” stuff. This was supernatural. We all felt it, and it left us in a state of wonder.

Most people live lives far short that can be described as wonderful. I’m not talking about rich, famous, beautiful, successful in terms of career. I’m not talking about hedonism. I’m talking about living in a state of wonder. You may be wealthy, drop dead gorgeous and have everything this world could offer, but still not live a wonder-filled life.

I’m talking about a life where you are so filled with wonder at the majesty of the consciousness of God resident within you, that a dew laden spiderweb looks like an intricate piece of jewelry encrusted with diamonds. I’m talking about being at a five star restaurant enjoying an exquisite meal, and savoring every single bite, or picking strawberries right from the plant, and feeling the rush of the sweet juice exploding on your taste buds.

It’s about feeling the wonder of it all, whatever you may possess. The great mystic Paul, said he knew how to have it all, and how to have nothing, for he had learned the secret of being content.

You see, there is a secret. The secret is within you. It’s always been within you. You knew it instinctively when you were a child. I have a friend, who has mentioned that when she was a little girl, she would look in the mirror, and instinctively know that there was someone in that body of hers, looking back at her, out through her eyes. The Presence of God within. That wonder-ful Presence.

When we allow ourselves to allow that Presence to spill out, others will notice. They might not always say something, but they will feel it.

A few years ago, I was sitting on the bench with a woman I didn’t know that well. We were just talking casually, when suddenly out of the blue she said,

“Get away from me.”

“Excuse me.” I said, completely shocked, as it was such an out of the ordinary thing for someone to say.

“Get away from me,” she said again. “You are too good for me, and I can’t be around you.” With that she got up, and left me sitting on the bench. This time, I was left wondering what just happened.

All I can think, was that the Presence of God somehow welled up in me, and confronted pain in her. Rather than embrace that same Presence in her, she wanted to hide. Isn’t that true of each of our egos? We have a choice, we can run and hide, or we can embrace that Presence within us.

I want to encourage you to start looking within, and embrace that Presence more consciously in yourself. Going back to the game of dare, that I used to play as a child, I want to dare you to start climbing the proverbial stairs of your own consciousness. Allowing that glorious, shining part of yourself to awaken, to come alive. You don’t have to “do” anything, you just have to let go, and allow that Presence to simply come alive, to be “born again” as Jesus said.

It might be scary to let go, to go higher and jump, but you never know, you might just find yourself floating on air and living a life more wonderful than you ever dreamed possible. The world needs people who are awake, conscious and actively shining that light, and following in the footsteps of Jesus.


I dare you.

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