The Magic Mindset

Updated: Sep 2

Did you know that our mindsets are so important to every aspect of our lives? We all instinctively know this is true When we are in a bad mood, it’s because our mindset is off, and this colors how we see the world. Everything can be exactly the same in regards to our outer circumstances but when we are in a dark mood, the world seems grey and depressing. People look hostile, and things seem bleak. However, the next day we could wake up and be in a completely different mood and feel amazing! What is the difference? It’s our mindset! Nothing might have changed in our external circumstances, but our whole way of seeing life has, and that affects how our day goes! What we allow our mind to dwell on is the game changer when it comes to how our lives unfold. We are NOT our minds, but our mind has been given to us as an amazing tool that our Spirit/Consciousness can use. When we allow our true selves, our conscious awareness to control our minds, great things happen. When we allow our minds to control us, they can sometimes sabotage our best efforts to build the life we want. Many people today are led around by their minds, and have no idea that they are the captain of their ship, and can direct the course of their lives by how they choose to THINK! When you choose to take hold of your mind, you can chart your course and achieve goals that you had no idea were possible up until now. Some people think that others are just lucky and get all the breaks. However, they don’t see the small, almost imperceptible choices that the ‘lucky ones’ make that cause them to be so ‘lucky’. Take a busy airport for example. There are planes taking off at the same location hundreds of times a day. However, while they may all take off at the same place, their destination is drastically different. One may be heading to New York, another to Berlin, another to London, while another’s final destination is Dubai. What causes all these planes to land in different places? The pilot of course. In the same way the pilot determines the direction and ultimate landing place of the aircraft, you determine the trajectory of your life and the various destinations that you want to visit. Think about some places that you would like to visit right now in your life? What would a healthy, fit and toned body feel like? Your mind can take you there. How would you feel if you had savings in the bank and a solid financial plan for your household? Your mind can take you there. What about healthy, loving and respectful relationships with positive, uplifting people? Your mind can take you there. How would you feel if you felt joyful, abundant and full of enthusiasm for life 98% of the time. (I say 98% because pain is an inevitable part of this life that none of us can escape 100% of the time). Your mind can take you there. All these things are not a matter of luck or fate. They are choices that we make with our MIND. Don’t excuse your mind and let it off the hook for not bringing about the life that the real you, the authentic you desires. I have seen people change their whole lives when they chose to take hold of their minds and direct that power how they choose, rather than allowing their mind to run them unconsciously. It’s not rocket science. It’s following simple principles that will get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. It’s just like going to the gym and increasing your strength. It’s not difficult. All you need is a little bit of instruction, and consistency. Anyone can have a stellar body if they just take hold of their mind and direct it. You can take this principle of controlling the direction of your mind and apply it to ANY situation and it will work. Whether you want to lose 20 pounds, learn to scuba dive, invest in stocks, master the guitar. When you take hold of your mind, you can achieve whatever is in your heart to do. I would like to share with you a simple formula that I like to call The Magic Mindset. The Magic Mindset is simply that place where you feel good. When you are in a good mood, not only are you affected by that, but you also affect the other people that are around you too. Have you ever noticed how people seem to be magnetically drawn to those who are uplifting and positive? That’s the Magic Mindset. When you choose good thoughts, you are choosing the Magic Mindset and start charting your way to good destinations. When you start broadcasting good thoughts, others can pick up on your energy and it tells them who you are and how you expect to be treated. How you see yourself is of vital importance. It will change your whole life. Don’t believe me? Try a little experiment, and see for yourself. I have personally done this a few times, and I’m always shocked at the results. Most of the time when I go grocery shopping, my mind is just focused on getting the items on my list. It’s not a very memorable occasion. I put them in the cart, check out and go. However every time I go to the grocery store with my mind consciously focused on feeling good, attracting good and radiating good to everyone in the store, people literally start smiling at me with a rather puzzled expression on their faces. It works every time. What have I done? I have taken control of my mind, and harnessed it’s power, and people can feel the difference. I am in the Magic Mindset! When you take hold of your mind and choose to direct it, you will be astounded at how your life starts to shift! People will most often mirror back to you what you are projecting in that moment. This is the power of the real you, the authentic you, your consciousness taking hold of your mind and directing your life. I’ll be sharing more in the days ahead about living a conscious life, and directing your mind, rather than your mind directing you. Until then. Focus on the good. Focus on good destinations. Put yourself into the Magic Mindset, and expect your life to take flight!

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