You are a Power House!

Did you know that you are a powerful co-creator? Yes you!

Emitting from your body is an incredible energy, an unseen power that most people are completely ignorant of. This power can heal, know things telepathically and communicate with animals and even plants!

You are a powerhouse, because you are connected to the power house. The Divine Mind, and Intelligent energy source behind this universe. You are connected to God. This is what the mystics of old taught, that Christ lived in each person. Most people though are asleep to that fact!

Your body has a symbiotic relationship with the earth and this holographic universe that we live in. Jesus understood this well. He was well aware of the energy in his body, and could tell when others drew on that energy. Just one example was when a woman who had internal hemorrhaging touched him, and he knew immediately that energy had left his body, and traveled into hers, healing her of the condition that not even the doctors could figure out how to cure.

So what is this incredible energy?

This energy is none other than the energy or power of Divine Mind, Mind being the operative word here. Unlike in movies like Star Wars that talk about a force that we can bend and shape according to our human ego, Christ in Jesus taught quite the opposite.

We, our human egos are meant to be directed by that power within, and this power is not some force incapable of cognizant thought. Quite the opposite, this power is supreme thought. It’s the same power that mysteriously shaped your body in the womb, before you even had a brain capable of thinking. That power is Love.

The ancient mystics called this power the Holy Spirit. Think of the word ‘holistic’. Holistic is simply the complete and total healing and health of your whole being. This ‘Holy Spirit’ is there to bring about a holy or whole version of you, one that is whole and complete in every sense of the word, body, mind and spirit.

This Spirit or Consciousness is alive and running through you, although most of the time we are unaware, due to the cloud of our human persona. However, when we follow the footsteps of Jesus and embrace a relationship with that power, then watch out world because that is when a whole new evolution of humanity will be manifested on this planet. A new creation. The evolution of the Christ kind, of which Jesus was the foerunner.

So how do we cultivate a relationship with this power within? Here are a couple of tips to help you.

It’s a Gift

Most people go through their lives trying to access this power. However it is your birthright, a gift. It’s just something that you have been given as a free gift in Christ. Jesus made it very clear that we are really one consciousness. We just have to be conscious of that fact. Jesus died in every sense of the word, and let go of his ‘human’ persona, and fully embraced the Source of life, even though it meant laying down his life, in order to pick it up again.

Understand you are not your Ego

The mystical writers called the ego, The Carnal Mind, which literally means a mind made out of physical flesh. Most people are run by their fleshly physical brains. Our brains are a wonderful tool, but they aren’t who we really are. When you start listening to the voice in your head that many of us get lost in, understand that it really is just your brain running programs from things that you have taken in through your five physical senses. Underneath that busy mind is the real you. Take time to slow down and simply be still. In today’s fast paced world, it’s easy to get lost in our “carnal mind” or ego.

When you start embracing this truth, amazing new possibilities can open up to you. You really are a multi-dimensional being, capable of so much more than you realize. There are layers of reality that would blow your human mind if you dared to look with your spiritual eyes, that is why you need a new mind. The mind of Christ that is consciously connected to God.

So, take the plunge, ask God to awaken the Christ that is in you, but might be sleeping in the “boat” of your body and watch as your life is transformed by this magnificent intelligent and loving energy flowing through you, and allow your life to become the exciting adventure is was meant to be!

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