Your Mind is a Bridge

Did you know that your mind is a bridge? If you want to bring something out of the unseen into the world that we can see with physical eyes, it has to come through the portal or gate of your mind or consciousness.

Think about it.

Every invention that has ever materialized, was once a thought in someone's mind. If you want to 'manifest' things in this world, it starts with your consciousness or mind. The reason that you are able to even read these words and see the physical print, is that they came out of my mind or consciousness, through my finger tips as I typed, and now they are here, in the 'real world.'

Metaphysically speaking, your mind is a bridge between dimensions.

Inside of you lives who you really are, which is pure, intelligent energy, your spirit. Outside of your physical body is the Universe we live in. Or as I say in my book...

"Inside of you dwells the Presence of God, which want to partner so to speak with this amazing holographic world that you are in. The whole created Universe is like a thought in the Mind of the Infinite. The Bridge between the two worlds is your mind. Think of the Presence within you is like a breathtaking castle, where the Sovereign ruler lives. All around the castle is a moat. When the draw bridge is down, it enables the King or Queen to visit the Universe without. Your mind or personal ego is like that drawbridge. When you lay it down, the true Presence within can truly explore the Universe without. This is what Jesus meant when he said that you have to lay down your life in order to find true life."

The key to manifesting things that bring you lasting joy and genuine contentment is to bring the personal ego into alignment with the will of the Presence within you. When we do that, the peace that comes if beyond anything we can experience.

I encourage you to start tapping into the Presence that is already within you, and allow your life to become the exciting adventure is was meant to be!

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