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"I will never forget the day Susan looked over at me and asked, "So do you meditate?  Who do you talk with about your spirituality? "

From that moment on things were never the same. 

Susan became a source of light for me and has coached me along in my journey of spiritual growth. I had no idea when we began working together that she  would be a path of pure empowerment in my life in many ways. Her intuition, beautiful spirit and plethora of education brings amazing gifts that she uses to help others become the best version of themselves. As a public speaker she is beyond gifted, and there is never a dull moment at her workshops. Each time I attend I walk away with a gold nugget to use in my life. As an author I have read most of her writings.  She have become one of my favorites and for audio books I find myself turning to her teachings as I am driving in my car looking for something empowering to feed my mind with.  I thank her for sharing her gifts and for all the ways my life has flourished from the work we have done together."

Yvette Bernosky

Health Club Owner

"There is so much more than just chugging around all day in a physical body.

Susan has taught me what living a metaphysical life is really like. She has shown me how to STAY connected to the magic that has been with me all along. Now my life is beautiful, abundant, and I feel fulfilled. "

Renee Mattos

Fitness Model and Professional Make Up Artist


"I have been fortunate enough to see Sue speak at several events and and always found her such an inspiration. On one occasion I was moved to tears. Her ability to connect with each and every one of her audience is amazing. I look forward to her next coaching event. I have also found her Youtube videos very motivational. I will often go back and re-watch them whenever I need a spiritual pick me up. Can't wait to read her new book. "

Rachel Harvey 

Real Estate Agent

"Susan is simply inspired. You will feel it immediately in her writing and talks. Her uplifting and energetic style I promise, is the real thing. For years I have enjoyed attending her workshops and listening to her videos. Her ideas travel with me each day, tips that help focus my attention, always lifting my thoughts to higher places. "

Thomas Avrutis

Attorney at Law.