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Dr. Susan Caroline is a is an author, inspirational speaker and philosopher. She has over 25 years experience in helping people tap into their true potential through learning to develop their intuition, and live a conscious centered lifestyle for body, mind and spirit.  She holds a Ph.D in Metaphysical Science, specializing in Conscious-Centered Living and is currently working on her doctorate in Theocentric Psychology. An avid fitness and health enthusiast, cancer survivor and former personal trainer, she is passionate about people embracing genuine health in an integrative approach. She has been happily married for over 30 years to her husband and love of her life, David. Together they have three grown children. They currently reside in Florida with their mini Australian Shepherd. Magic.


Welcome Friend...

I believe that  deep inside the human heart, beyond your physical appearance, beyond your mind, beyond your conception of yourself, there lives a part of you that is ageless, eternal, and always present.  Despite the noise that our mind makes, and the mental image that we have built up of ourselves - this Presence is always there, watching, aware, just waiting to come to life, to awaken, to be born again, as Jesus said.  You have felt that Presence. Maybe when enjoying a beautiful sunset, or laughing with a friend, or sharing memories with a loved one.  It is a place of personal empowerment and genuine spirituality.  A place of limitless energy and in this Presence we live and move, and have our being...



I grew up England where my heart first started to feel a pull to a deeper reality.   As a child, I would wander for hours in the English countryside, lost in the beauty of all that was around me.  I would feel caught up in an epic adventure, and it was there that I first encountered what I phrase as "my other self."  I felt a presence all around me, peering out through my eyes and I would see glimpses of that Presence in others too.  It was intoxicating.


As an adult, my husband and I both had radical encounters with the the Presence of God and Jesus, and  spent two decades working with  children, youth and adults.  While we are not in any organized type of religion, we have one cry in my heart... and that is to know the One who made us and somehow, through our lives, point others to the sheer ecstasy of that experience too.

Christ Himself said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you."  It is the heart of Jesus's message.   The whole emphasis is on union with God, and what is going on in the outside world, is a direct reflection of the inner life.​

Rather than looking outside of yourself, there is a "hidden pearl" within.  The Mystics called this "Christ in you, the hope of glory."  My hope is that  you enjoy this site which chronicles some of our journey and exploration of that which we all in our heart of hearts, seek - ultimate contentment and ever new experiences with God, who is Life.

That Presence you feel brings such exquisite joy, that you wish you could remain in that moment forever.  It's almost like someone else is seeing the world through your eyes, and everything looks fresh and new, like you were seeing it for the first time.  Thinking back on a time like that, is when you can truly say you felt most alive.  It was then that you were living from your true self, your spiritual self, that mostly hides behinds the scenes in your life, but so wants to take center stage. 

When you allow all that you were meant to be to come forward, amazing things start to happen in your life.  Joy becomes the environment you live in.  When challenging situations arise, you have the mental clarity to handle it with wisdom.  You become more present to those around you, and are able to make better decisions in your career, health and fitness, finances and relationships.  Many people are waiting for an outside force to alleviate whatever they might be struggling with.  It's only when we learn to embrace the power of God within that we can have lasting results and find the ultimate fulfillment that our restless hearts are looking for.

Is it possible?  Can 'Your Other Self' the real, authentic you, take the spotlight in this drama called life and be the hero/heroine that you see in your dreams?  I believe so.  I hope my stories and articles on this site inspire you to live from that place, where your life becomes the adventure that you always knew you were born to live.

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